14th February 2020

Industrial Electrical Systems Course L6

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Content for the 5 days in classroom is detailed below:

1: Electricity and Electrons. Effects of Electricity, Heating, Magnetic and Chemical. Ohms Law, Resistors in Series and Parallel including practical work, Kirchoff’s Current and Voltage Laws. Electrical Terms and Units.

2: AC and DC Voltage, RMS, Frequency, Waveforms, Capacitance, Farad, Circuits, Time Constant, Reactance. Inductance, Henries, Circuits, Reactance.

3: Magnetism, Right-hand Rule, Magnetic Field and Flux, AC Motor Operation, DOL, Star-Delta, Testing of Motors. Wire-up Control and Power Circuits to Operate a DOL Single-Phase Motor.

4: Control Circuits, Relay, Contactor, Graphic Symbols, Hold-On/Latch, Overload Relay. Structure of a Circuit.

5: Electrical Safety; Legal and Technical Management and Standards, Hazards, Fires, LockOut / TagOut, Fatalities, Injuries, Earthing and Bonding, RCD, MCB, Fuses, Distribution Boards, Safety Tips. Types of Overcurrent Faults. Safety features right throughout the course. PLUS: Electrical Drawings: 3-Types, in-depth of Schematic, Reference Letters, Fault-finding and Trouble-Shooting, Panel and Plant Issues, Power Factor: Theory, Implications and Correction Programmable Logic Controllers: Features, PSU and I/O Electrical Panels: Building Convention, Design and Layout VSD / Inverters: Features, Construction, Pros and Cons Power Supply Units: Construction, Operation, O/P Waveform

The above content covers the course material to be learned / understood in order for participants to answer the exam questions.

For your information: There are 4 exams 2 x Theoretical 2 x Practical Exams:

  • Theoretical Exam 1: Answer 20 out of 22 short-form questions Time allowed: 1.5 hours. (40% of course marks)
  • Theoretical Exam 2: Answer 5 out of 7 structured questions. Time allowed: 1.5 hours. (30% of course marks)

Practical Tasks 1 & 2:

  • Time allowed: 1 hour each (2 x 15% = 30% of course marks) Practical task 1 will be completed on Day 4 of course. Theoretical Exam 1, Theoretical Exam 2 and Practical Task 2 will be completed on Day 5 of course. On successful completion of this course participants are awarded QQI 6N5377 / NFQ Level 6 (usually 8 – 10 weeks after completing course)