Member Companies

The Cobotics Skillnet is a National Network of over 400 member companies. The Cobotics Skillnet which was formed to protect the international competitiveness of Irish businesses and grow jobs by spreading the uptake of robotic/cobotic  and automation technology. The Cobotic Skillnet targets industries which provide economic impact of scale, namely; Fintech, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing. Cobotics Skillnet will remove barriers to job creation, job retention and competitiveness by boosting Irish ‘robotic density’.

The Cobotics Skillet has been instrumental in helping us to drive forward with the introduction of Collaborative Robots in our
operations. It has given us an opportunity to meet with a number of people from different industries who are on the same journey. Allowing meaningful discussions on the path forward, and learning from each other the potential pitfalls along the way. Having the opportunity to visit each other’s sites and see the technologies in action is always a great learning experience, without the Skillnet I do not think this could happen.

Richard Guilofoyle
Boston Scientific

Just a quick note to thank you and the rest of the team in the Cobotics Skillet over the last 18 months for your continued support in developing our understanding and knowledge in Cobotics. Our goal in getting involved in the Cobotics Skillnet has been to better understand what this evolving technology can offer and also how it will impact our business over the coming vears. Our involvement with the Skillet and the continued in-company site visits have been both very informative and engaging and we hope that these will continue. It is clear from each of the site visits that all participants are committed to ensure the best possible outcome.

Justin Wallace
Trend Technologies

Becoming a member of Cobotics Skillnet afforded me the opportunity to network with like- minded people across a range of industries and disciplines. The benefits acquired from this collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experience has tremendously accelerated Integers understanding of how Robotics can enable us to remain relevant in today’s global marketplace. As Charles Darwin said more than 150 years ago “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change, that lives within the means available and works cooperatively against common threats”.

John Bolger